Own the unknown by trusting the process ~ Kimberly

My name is Kimberly.


I see it as my calling to awaken the ultimate being that you are so that you can start living (even more) from your core. I do this by giving Channel sessions with or without herbs, Plantra Healing and guiding Ceremonies and Rituals.


My goal is to create space in which you can experience and learn to embody your unconditioned self again, so that life force can flow optimally. I do this by removing blockages that hinder you, no matter how small or large, with your own energy and insights. The outcome; a boost in clarity, energy and creativity.


The sessions I give are suitable for when you are at a new beginning and want to determine direction, are stuck at a point and would like to continue or increase the success you have achieved. Even if you want to shine a new light on your life, be more in touch with yourself and thus also with others, want to increase the contact with your body wisdom and intuition, a session is definitely worth it.


During a session I work with medicinal herbs and powerful plants in addition to intuitive physical exercises to support the awareness and awakening process.

Since I was a young child it was clear to me which path I was destined to walk. After a number of valuable detours, highs and lows, my innate talents in combination with acquired experiences have shaped me years later to become a professional channeler, guide and ceremonial guide. These forms of sacred service continue to develop and not only do they nourish my soul, they strengthen me as a human being here on earth.