Whatever comes along, let's unleash your true potential and continue to say yes! ~ Kimberly

As an entrepreneur of two companies, I have learned a lot in the past 16 years. I have not only grown enormously as an entrepreneur, but especially as a person, a woman, mother, partner, friend. Because setting up and running your own company is essentially about daring to show yourself, again and again. It's about saying YES to your talents and expressing them.


My goal is to help you recognize your unique, unknown talents and put them into practice. To feed desires and convert them into results. Supporting you in embodying your greatness means that we will also map out fears and shake hands with them. Together we turn insecurities into adventures and fears into curiosity, so that you can safely plunge yourself into the depths of the unknown.

During the first sessions we will focus on discovering what you want, why you want it, what really drives you and what holds you back. When we have this clear, we will bring out the essence of your drive, make abstract desires concrete and convert limiting beliefs into a healthy growth mindset. Step by step, we build a plan that seamlessly matches your desires and talents and we will convert these into action moments. The rest will be 'learning by doing'.


A session lasts 1 hour 

Costs: 150 euro  


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