What you seek, is seeking you ~ Rumi

A friend and teacher once said to me:


"Life is scattered with banana skins. When we slip, and we will, our egos will grumble but our souls will be having a good old laugh"


My strength lies in making both the shadow and light visible in a loving way. The banana skins as well as the path on which they lie. You come for a channel session when you want your rich body, higher self and inner world to be "read" and "seen".  

During a reading I can give voice to:


~ messages from your body ~

  • Energy blocks

  • Memories hidden in (muscles) aches

  • Advice on diets

  • Sweet, high energy spots

~ messages from your soul ~

  • Patterns that keep you stuck

  • Unique practices, rituals that form healthy new patterns

  • Next steps on your path

  • Revelations of unique personal powers, gifts and talents

  • Your soul purpose on this Earth

~ messages from the other worlds ~

  • Advice from the ones we "lost"

  • Reassurance from past away loved ones

  • Guidance from animal and plant spirits

~ messages from the Akashic Records ~

  • Information about what happened in this life or past lifes

  • Information of what is happening now

  • Information of what will happen in the future

General information

A channel session will take approximately 1,5 to 2 hour.



185 euro 

200 euro incl. CanaKakaw

225 euro incl. Kambo session