"To keep the body in good health is a duty "


Kambo is an Amazonian tree frog that has a waxy slime on its skin. This mucus contains bioactive peptides that have a strong cleansing effect on the body. Kambo is a powerful drug from the Amazon that has been used by indigenous peoples for many years and has been referred to as “vaccine of the forest”. Today, the Kambo is used in the west for various ailments and diseases, including:


* stomach / intestinal complaints,

* allergies,

* high blood pressure,

* diabetes,

* auto immune diseases,

* headache


Before the treatment 2 liters of water must be drunk. Then a small glowing stick burns a few holes in the top layer of skin, after which the mucus is applied to these holes. The process begins, the heart rate accelerates, the energy in the body is increased. Blockages become palpable up to nausea and at a certain point people literally throw up, until everything that had to be worked out is purged.

De kambo session includes a short Body Channeling, Rapé en Sananga.

Body Channeling

Before starting the Kambo session, Rapé will be offered to calm the mind and ground the body. This allows the body to pass the messages it has on to me so that I can pass it on to the person in turn. The messages are about the place where "panama" (negative energy) and the roots of protection mechanisms are located, physical and mental blockages and potential blockages and how these are expressed in daily life. Often times during the channel sessions individual exercises emerge that the person can apply on a regular basis as part of the Kambo integration. In this way, a session is truly tailor-made. After the Kambo session has taken place, we end with Sananga, a medicine that enables the person to get back on track.



Rapé is a snuff used by Indian tribes in Brazil. The main ingredient is tobacco. For these tribes, the tobacco plant is a sacred plant, the plant of light. Rapé is a powdered snuff and contains a combination of other plants in addition to tobacco. This drug is used to heal diseases, but also to remove negative energy, activate the third eye and ground. Rapé makes you aware of your body, the here and now and increases the feeling of being present in your body and of being part of the bigger whole.


Sananga is a powerful medicine used by indigenous peoples to sharpen vision in all dimensions. For example, it is used for hunting to be able to see sharper, even in the dark. The drug contains Ibogaine alkaloids and comes from the root and bark of Tabernaemontana undulata shrub from the Amazon. The juice dripped into both eyes stings for a few minutes. The intensity decreases rapidly. It expands your consciousness, activates visions and consciousness during both the waking and dream states.



A Kambo session lasts between 3 to 4 hours. To experience the maximum cleaning, Kambo is regularly booked or booked 3 times in a row  or as a preparation for a ceremony.




185 euros individual session

225 euros incl. Channel session

330 euro duo session


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