Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes ~ Carl Gustav Jung

You're Invited!

Taste a rainbow of high quality Rapé varieties, choose your favourite and let your soul speak to you through channeller, ceremonial space keeper Kimberly during this unique experience.

Discover your favourite Rapé during this unique Rapé Tasting Ritual


Rapé, a sacred shamanic snuff powder used by indigenous Amazonian tribes, comes in many varieties. Each Rapé is carefully blended with its own flavour and texture in how you experience it. Getting up-close and personal, you'll discover some remarkable combinations and next-level qualities, all thoroughly tested, mixed and fine-tuned by our dedicated team.


Receive messages from your higher-self and body


Relax into your favourite Rapé as it brings you back in touch with your inner wisdom while Kimberly Gomes opens herself to the messages from your body and higher-self which have concrete, life-changing potential.


According to Maria: "Kim lets your body tell her what's going on within you. During a session she talked to me about something very personal that I had never told anyone before. I've never known anyone who can intuit and explain such specific things so clearly."


During a reading Kimberly can give voice to:


~ messages from your body ~

  • energy blocks

  • memories hidden in (muscles) aches

  • advice on diets

  • sweet, high energy spots

~ messages from your soul ~

  • patterns that keep you stuck

  • unique practices, rituals that form healthy new patterns

  • next stepts on your path

  • revelation of unique personal powers, gifts and talents

  • your soul purpose on this Earth

~ messages from the other worlds ~

  • Advice from the ones we "lost"

  • Reassurance from past away loved ones

  • Guidance from animal and plant spirits

Meet your maker: Get measured for a custom Kuripe

Philip Bon is constantly perfecting shape and technique when it comes to crafting Rapé pipes. You'll come away from this with your very own Kuripe, tailored to feel like it's a part of you.

A rapé reading will take approximately 2 hours.

Since the effects are short term, you will be able to walk, bike or drive home safely.

Price Rapé Reading: 175 euro p.p.

Price Kuripe/Tepi: 165 euro p.p.


The birth of Rapé Readings

Kimberly has been working with rapé alongside other teachers during her Grandfather ceremonies and channeling sessions for some years now. Her love for continuously discovering new combinations and testing them behind the scenes during private channelings, has helped her discover deep universal and personal truths. These truths have made her grow in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Blown away by the subtle and sometimes potently direct language of these Teachers, she got the invitation to start sharing Rapé and guiding others on their path of self discovery. In her own words:

“I feel so blessed and am immensely grateful to be intensly guided by Rapé. It changed my life for the better on so many levels. Not once did I not receive an answer to my question. Rapé not only deepened my ability to use my gifts in service of others, but also to myself, the one I once tended to never place first. It cleared my view on certain matters, made me confident to calmly take steps in the highest good of myself and the other.”

Philip has been a wood-crafter since a young age. From crafting wooden figurines to repairing wooden ships. His love for wood-crafting combined with his dedication to work with sacred plants like Rapé have led him to develop unique, high end Kuripes and Tepis.

According to Kimberly:

"A Kuripe by Philip is not only a piece of art, but gives you a complete new experience of working with Rapé. The elegant, organic shapes combined with the sharp and perfectly crafted angles make the Rapé ritual all the more exciting. No other Kuripe and Tepi have given me this extra “high”"

Want to know more?

If you're not yet familiar with Rapé, or want to learn more about Rapé Readings, contact us at sis.savagnah@gmail.com