Physicality is a gift, inseparable from heart and soul, that calls us to live ~ Oriah Mountain

Plantra Healing is a powerful combination of channeling through tantra touch, intuitive massage, de-armouring and working with powerful herbs and plants that have been used by indigenous tribes around the world for centuries during ancient traditions.


Plantra Healing triggers blockages and patterns to show themselves on the surface of our body and mind. Because they are gently being invited we can break through them in a loving yet powerful way.


Many of us, consciously or unconsciously, deal on a daily basis with the negative consequences of putting aside our own needs in order to keep the world around us happy. We act against our will, exchange our heart's desire for "safety" and do not stand up for ourselves. This destructive behavior translates itself physically into tight, aching muscles and the storaging of negative energy in our organs. which prevents our vital life force (kundaline) and creative energy (sexual energy) to flow optimally. The blockages are often located in places that are usually not massaged, but which, on the contrary, require loving, consciously focused touch in order to relax.


During and after a Plantra Healing session a lot of energy is released. This can be experienced as both liberating and frightening. In addition to deep relaxation, anxiety can also arise because the body experiences a new flow and the mind does not know what to do with it. It may therefore be necessary to book several sessions in combination with, for example, a Kambo session. To what extent this applies differs per individual and only becomes clear during and especially after the first session.


* Plantra Healing is focused on effortlessly relaxing at moments when the body is used to tighten and contract. By relaxing while the energy builds up, the vital life force can flow within you. The release of creativity happens when we are in full surrender to this relaxation.

Each session starts with sharing what you are currently dealing with in your life with, what is challenging you and what you are happy with.


Together we feel if and, if so, which herbs and / or plants would like to travel along.


During a channel moment I scan your body to make sure that that which wants to be shared from an unconscious level will be included in the session.


The main part of the session will consist of intuitive massage, tantra touch and body de-armouring, with the emphasis mainly on guiding the creative life energy through your blockages. The intensity will decrease or increase again and again in consultation with you.


A Plantra Healing session is given in a warm and safe setting. You can opt for a 1.5-hour session or one of 2.5 hours. In the latter case, the session is accompanied by herbs.


Costs: 185 euros per session per 1.5 hours 265 euros per session per person for 2.5 hours


With multiple sessions a reduction rate applies.


Before a session is booked, I like to call you in advance.


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